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Human beings have two defenses against tyranny, freedom of choice, and our immune system.  Both are under attack right now.  How we deal with this threat will determine whether or not we keep our freedom.

  1. Building your own business is a great way of avoiding becoming a slave to the system.
  2. Eating healthy food ensures that your body gets enough healthy nutrition which is absolutely essential in order to ensure a healthy body and immune system.

Getting out into the fresh air, into the sunlight, and doing some exercise does wonders for your immune system.  Familiarize yourself with the potential that natural medicines have.  After all, they’ve been around much longer than the mainstream medicines.

Our two defenses against tyranny 

Freedom of Choice

Personally, I believe that humans only have one right and that is the right to freedom of choice.  It is the ONLY thing that can never be completely taken from us, nor can we completely give it away (short of allowing someone to place something in your brain by which they can completely control you).  The rest is all consequence.

The Immune System

The immune system is our defense against disease.  When the body is attacked, it quickly springs into action and either kill the intruder or develops a protection mechanism against it.

Freedom of Choice allows us to reject tyranny and our Immune System protects us, to a certain extent, against it.

More about the Natural Vitality Website

Vendors & Shoppers

Natural Vitality is my way of distributing information as well as creating a platform where Vendors of Natural Health & Beauty, as well as Healthy Food & Beverages, can sell Products Online.


If any self-motivated Entrepreneurs would like to start a business where they live, I could ‘White Brand‘ this website for them.  You could start with your own sub-domain on this website which you would manage.  This would be at no charge for this.  Should you want your own website, either from the start or once you are established, this will also be free for the first year, and then R1000/year thereafter (domain renewal, domain hosting included & personal email included).  I will also link your sub-domain/website from the ‘Shop‘ page of this website.

Training & Support

My Credentials

I build exclusively on the WordPress Platform which makes managing your own website relatively simple.

I am also in the process of building Online Courses to assist Entrepreneurs with learning these skills.

I will be available to Vendors & Entrepreneurs between 10 am and 12 pm Sundays to Fridays, so call me on 072 676 7404.  Otherwise, email me at with your queries.

Why am I doing this?

That’s a lot of ‘I’s’.  So, why am I doing this?  My Core Business is Domain Hosting, Web Design, and Online Advertising.  That is where the bulk of my income comes from.  But I’m also passionate about assisting people to achieve things they maybe didn’t know were possible.  You’re welcome to read about what drives me.

In short, I am looking for more Domain Hosting clients.  But I want clients who stay with me.  The best way to do this is to identify and nurture the right people.

Have a look at some of the stores I’ve built for clients at the bottom of the page.

Are you the person I’m looking for?

So, if you’re self-motivated, looking to start a side-hustle that one day turns into your own thriving business, and you’re prepared to put 1-2 hours/day, 5 days a week for the next 3 years into this, then you’re the person I’m looking for.

Mainstream Medicine

I’m not a medical doctor, nor do I have any medical training, but I have enough common sense to know that mainstream medicine has failed us.

Having said that, I do believe there are many wonderful doctors out there doing amazing work in specialist fields.

However, too many of them are either wittingly or unwittingly blind to just how evil Big Pharma has become:

  • Many are unwittingly blinded by loyalty to their profession, however
  • Many are wittingly blinded by the fear of losing their careers if they speak out,
  • Many are simply wittingly blinded by greed.

We trusted them to cure our ailments but, in too many cases, they simply prolong the suffering in order to profit from it.  They have even gone so far as to deliberately include substances that increase our chances of contracting diseases in the future.  One such example of this is vaccines.  So what are we to do about it?

Medicine & Politics

The major Pharmaceutical Companies (or Big Pharma as they have become known), are a multi-billion dollar industry and have become very powerful lobbying groups throughout the world especially in the United States of America and China.

I believe this current pandemic will reveal just how truly evil Big Pharma has become.  You won’t find any of this on the internet, because it is being actively suppressed by search engines and social media.  I attach way more value to something someone who could lose their livelihood says than to what those who constantly appear on TV say, and have much to gain by doing so.

I will publish articles in the Blog from time to time dealing with this issue.

Big Pharma has, traditionally, relied on a single, synthesized-ingredient business model.  However, this model has been failing for decades now due to the many lawsuits they have to deal with.  They have become ever more reliant on Opioids, but these have become scarce in the last few years.  Many of them are now turning back to Cannabinoids to fill that void.  At least these are less addictive and have fewer side-effects.

Vaccines, on the other hand, are protected by the law hence the current obsession with them.  Big Pharma needs to make money from vaccines to stay afloat.  They fit in with the prevailing political agenda as well, and this has created a perfect storm around vaccines.

The Single, Synthesized-Ingredient Business Model

Big-Pharma has long denigrated traditional plant-based medicines.  Admittedly, many of these have been attached to superfluous hocus pocus, rather than credit the science that explains their efficacy.  Yet the bulk of the active ingredients Big Pharma uses are synthesized from plant-based ingredients.  Their hypocrisy in this regard is astounding.  The argument that these ingredients cannot be produced in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand is a valid one but, at least, they can acknowledge where they come from.


Vaccination, in theory, is a good concept.  The idea of injecting a person with a small dose of a virus in order for the immune system to build up a resistance to that virus makes a lot of sense to me.  Even that has its drawbacks.  A number of doctors and researchers have claimed that getting a vaccine will benefit you in the short term but, if you’re exposed to the wild virus, the effect is worse than if you had not had the vaccine at all.  There are also multiple accusations that Big Pharma adds substances known to be harmful to the human body for no apparent reason at all (allegedly mercury, formaldehyde, and even fetal tissue).  They go even further, blaming these for the increase in diseases like autism and all the auto-immune diseases.


Perhaps the most grievous scandal of the previous century is one few people talk about.  That is the extent to which nutrition was removed from the food we eat.  It’s absolutely essential that you get enough nutrition in order to ensure a healthy body and immune system.  I will post Blog articles when I receive them.

Locally-produced is the way to go

It is well-known that all fruit- and vegetable-bearing plants only push the really valuable nutrients into them at the very last minute.  After all, their survival depends on their successful regrowth.  They cannot waste these nutrients on fruit/vegetables that do not survive until maturity.  Long supply chains necessitate that fruit & vegetables are picked before they ripen, robbing us of those vital nutrients.  That’s why locally produced fruit & vegetables that can be picked when ripe and still sold and consumed before they rot is the way to go.

Bruce Middleton
3 January 2021

More about Natural Vitality…